MK Accommodation provides a housing and support solution to people of all backgrounds and varying housing needs.

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MK Accommodation was set up in 2015 by a multi disciplined team with a wealth of knowledge in housing, care and supported living. 

Combined 50 years Housing, Health & Social care Management Experience

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to have a positive impact on the lives of the people we house and support through the delivery of a high quality, person-centred support service. MK Accommodation is committed to providing a smooth and seamless process for all our service users by identifying individual needs and providing an appropriate services.

Our Success Stories

‘Having become homeless because of a family dispute I was referred to MK Accommodation, on arrival I was assessed and given a room to live and assigned a support worker. I was going through depression and I was supported to sign up with a local GP, I was supported with my benefits and eventually signposted to educational courses at Fircroft college and enrolled on a university access course. Having completed this course I then went to university and dropped out and became homeless again, I ended up in a hostel and felt institutionalised and was not happy – I was referred to MK Accommodation again and my support worker supported me with following a vocational route to employment – 18 months later I now have my own front door, I have my own small flat which I call home and work full time in groundworks preparing parts of the Midlands for HS2. I am in a stable place and have a lot to thank MK Accommodation

Citizen RL

I was referred by St Basils to many supported accommodation providers, I was always in shared accommodation but I have Autism and learning difficulties. I grew up in care and had a chaotic background – MK Accommodation recognised this and placed me into one of there semi self contained units where I had my own bathroom and a kitchenette, this allowed me to live in a stable environment. Now 2 years later I have my own flat and receive the correct benefits allowing me to live a full life

Citizen KK

I am a domestic violence survivor, I escaped a violent and abusive husband – I was referred to MK Accommodation where I was placed in a domestic violence scheme and supported with all aspects of my life. I felt safe and secure this enabled me to regain my confidence and build myself back up. I now have my own maisonette where I am happy and started living my life again, I am forever grateful to the team at MK Accommodation for doing what they done

Citizen NA

I was born and raised in Birmingham, after a family breakdown and divorce I turned to alcohol, I was dependent upon alcohol and drank everyday eventually developing cirrhosis of my liver. I left Birmingham and continued this eventually ending up rough sleeping, I was found by a homeless outreach team who referred me back to Birmingham and to MK Accommodation. On arrival I was assessed, had a benefit claim set up and moved in to an accommodation by my support worker and given a food parcel, toiletries and bedding, I had nothing but still was provided with everything to live a full life. I now live in a stable environment and regularly receive support and get universal credit payments to support me. I have reduced my alcohol intake and also receive professional support from an alcohol service as well as having a local GP I can walk to and now see to get treatment for my cirrhosis

Citizen AI

I have a mental health condition, I have never lived anywhere for long and have trouble living on my own. MK Accommodation have helped me get help, I have a CPN and also have the right benefits and support, I now receive ESA and PIP allowing me to live a full life. MK Accommodation have provided me with a home, I am happy and feel I can live my life how I want

Citizen WW

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